Weekend Wellbeing Fiesta: AromaYin Experience

‘Replenish; A 2hr AromaYin Experience’
AromaYin Yoga is a themed, holistic approach to working with the body’s innate intelligence to heal and restore its own vitality combined with select essential oils purposefully chosen to compliment the meridian lines and organs the yin experience is themed towards.
AromaYinYoga experiences are opened with intention setting, meditation and breath awareness before moving into the deeper elements of the class. Inside the experience are offerings of essential oil education as we apply them directly to the body, you are invited to listen and take notes or simply journey with your senses and indulge in some quiet ‘Me’ time.
The result of this delicious offering is aimed at deeply nourishing, grounding and soothing those who experience it. No prior yoga or essential oil experience is required.
Included in your class; a take home roller bottle of the class select essential oils + a daily home care guide to support you transitioning from states of Being.

Sunday 16 June – 11.45am to 2.15pm
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