Tenille Bentley ~ Meditation

Perth 2019: Myall Wellbeing, Perth , Western Australia. February 1, 2019 (Image by Sabine Albers)
Our People

Tenille Bentley is a transformative mindfulness and meditation educator and globally recognised sound therapist who combines the science of sound, frequency and meditation. 

She’s been seen on global stages in unique art projects in Paris, Florida and more, and recognised as gifted in bringing people into deep states of relaxation. 

Her guided sound meditations are really something else to experience! They incorporate the power of ‘sound-scaping’ and use of frequencies from the Solfeggio Scale – a ground-breaking technology including elements of sound layer frequency and vocal latticing.

Spending just 30 minutes of meditation threaded a couple of times a week into or around your working days might be the most valuable 30 minutes you’ll spend. Tenille’s unique meditation methods will help you find that inner balance to help you sail through your week.

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