Meditation is the practice of becoming more conscious of ourselves, of the present moment and of the way we interact with the world around us. It has been scientifically shown to have many amazing benefits on physical, mental and emotional health.

In the 15 minutes either side of a scheduled class you are welcome to sit, breathe and practise mindful meditation. This brings added calm, presence and energy to the class ahead, or to your post-class activities.

Moving Meditation

Reduce Stress,Tension and anxiety through guided moving meditation

The slow, meditative exercises stretch the body, soothe the nervous system.

Based on the ancient science of Qigong of cultivating energy and healing
these exercises when done correctly with focus can give you an incredibly fast relief in lowering tension and stress and anxiety.

Four components of the classes

1 Mindful movements synchronised with breath
2 Meditation relaxes and centres the body mid and spirit
3 Self applied massage to acupressure points to improve organ function, immune system, circulation and energy flow.
4 Promote natural healing in your body through deep breathing.

Wear comfortable clothes.

New to meditation?

If you’re one of many who find being ‘still’ a challenge, join us for our 4 week Introduction To Meditation course.


Our meditation classes